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Tandoori dishes
All dishes served with green salad and mint yogurt sauce

Masala dishes

Chef’s special dishes
All dishes served with rice or nan or chips

Balti dishes
A famous dish from North Pakistan. It is a very popular dish for all occasions. We prepare the dish with minced meat, fresh coriander, fresh green chilli’s and plenty of aromatic spices using the rarest recipe available. Served with Pilau rice, Boiled rice, Nan bread or Chips

Biryani dishes
A combination of a special blend of spices fried with basmati riceand a drier consistancy to that of a curry

Curry dishes
Basic Curry dish

Madras dishes
A south indian version of the dishes found in central and eastern India having greater proportion of hot spices which lend a fiery taste to its richness. Fairly hot.

Vindaloo dishes
Related to Madras but hotter in taste. It owes its name and part of its contents to Portugese settlers. Very hot.

Kurma dishes
Very mild, cooked with fresh cream and cocunut.

Malayan dishes
Very mild, cooked with fresh cream and pineapple.

Dansak dishes
A Parsian dish, sour and hot cooked with lentils and pineapple.

Pathia dishes
Cooked with lots of tomato puree, garlic, ginger and lemon juice to add its sweet and sour taste. Fairly hot.

Bhuna dishes
Cooked with a special blend of spices. Medium hot and almost dry.

Rogan dishes
Oriental spices blended together to make a delicately flavoured sauce with garlic and lots of tomatoes.

Dupiaza dishes
Similar to Bhuna in which onions are mixed with spices and fried briskly.

Kashmiri dishes
Very mild, cooked with fresh cream, coconut and banana.

Sri Lanka dishes
Fairly hot with coconut.

Phall dishes
Extremely hot dish.

Sagwala dishes
Bhuna style dish cooked with garlic, hot green peppers, spinach and fresh coriander. Fairly dry dishes that can be made to the strength of your choice, e.g. fairly hot, medium hot or very hot.

Side dishes and extras

English dishes
All served with chips, peas and tomatoes